30 days try-out

This period offers a mutual benefit

Spending money on something you have never touched or experienced yourself can be intimidating, we fully understand this. We strongly believe in the quality of our products and expect a great sound improvement in your audio system when a Farad power supply or cables are used. But we also know in audio it sometimes just doesn’t work out for whatever reason. Therefore we give you a 30 days try out period for our products. We think this 30 day try-out period offers a mutual benefit, we get the chance to prove the quality of our products and you get the chance to buy a product that is the answer to your specific needs.


Terms and conditions

For this service we charge you 10% of the amount you have paid us originally. This 10% is used for the restock of the products, to retest the device, clean up, replace the packaging and to cover the free shipping and payment costs we have to make with each order.
The product needs to be returned in the original packing with all accessories and paper work. After we have received the returned product, we will check it for any damages or missing accessories. If we find damages or missing accessories, we will need to make an appropriate deduction on the impending refund, this will always be communicated with you before we make the final refund. We will not refund any extra costs made at your side as taxes, importing costs, return shipping, etc.