Our story

The origins of Farad power supplies

Farad power supplies is founded in 2018 by Mattijs de Vries. Already at the tender age of 8 experimenting with electron tubes and speaker and building peripherals for his Sinclair ZX Spectrum whilst learning programming Z80 Machine code at the age of 14. Bachelor in chemistry and Master in Applied Physics Mattijs started a small earning in the trade of NOS military surplus electronic parts during his student years. This evolved into Mach-Mat, a company very well known in the world-wide DIY-community.
Passionate about trying out new concepts and techniques, listening to the sound of different parts, circuit topology and equipment and design, Mattijs gained all the knowledge that eventually lead to the start Pink Faun in 2006. A true boutique audio company, which was transferred to longtime employee Jord Groen in 2018, with Mattijs still on the background developing new electronic technologies. This transfer gave room to start up a company specialized in power supplies – follow your heart!
With new types of supercaps available it was possible to develop a new principle for ultra-low noise wide bandwidth power supplies. This unique approach is used in the Farad power supplies we hear and enjoy today. Designed and hand build in The Netherlands since 2019.


Farad sound signature

A mediocre power supply can and will ruin the performance of any quality audio gear. Even the best quality components following the power supply can’t make up for this, and might even highlight the problem as those components are quite ‘vocal’ about the quality of the input they get fed with. So, firmly believing good audio can only be based upon a high-quality power supply, our goal is to offer the best possible linear power supplies. We do this by making use of proven technology as well as by implementing new technology. This, an optimal topology, use of first-class materials and ‘proof by ear’ make up for power supplies that will let your set-up shine and keep you chained in your favorite listening chair. We deliver a natural ‘sound’, rich in dynamics and detailing, spacious and pitch black in the background, without highlighting anything nor leaving anything out. In our opinion this will ensure immersive and satisfying listening sessions for a long time.


Technology and design

Everything starts at the AC inlet, all of our power supplies have Furutech rhodium AC inlets flowed by gold plated fuse holders to accommodate high quality fuses. Looking for low AC leakage and low noise, we use custom wound triple shielded high inductance transformers and Schottky diodes feeding low ESR capacitors for the initial buffering. The last remaining noise is dealt with thru HF common mode choke pi-filtering. Next up is the Super Capacitor powerbank (minimum value for all power supplies is over 1.000.000 uF!!) which acts like a virtual battery ensuring an extremely low noise floor and rock solid DC performance. Lastly, the output stage has foil capacitors for the best sound quality and very high bandwidth Hf post filtering.
All our power supplies are built with mechanical stability in mind: sturdy chassis, GX16-4 or GX25-4 connectors for the DC power cables. Furthermore, rubber or carbon feet and maple wood is used for resonance control making sure the power delivered is exactly the way we want it: stable, neutral yet musical!
We have chosen Synergistic Research Purple and various QSA fuses for upgrading our power supplies. Extensive listening sessions learned these fuses are an actual upgrade without interfering with, or completely altering the sound quality we want from our power supplies.


Handmade in Holland

Our DC and AC cables are designed to fully appreciate our power supplies. The DC cables especially to make use of the benefits of the materials used: micro details for tin plated copper, a touch of spice by adding silver, maintaining the pure musical power of the Super3 or the severe musical authority of the Super10. Our AC cables are reported to bring a considerable upgrade to all audio components, even compared to much more expensive models from other manufacturers.



We are fully committed to keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. Production facilities are fully powered by solar energy, severe waste separation and the use of materials and components that are recyclable as much as possible make sure your Farad power supply is made with respect to the environment. Sadly not all of the components used are suited for recycling, yet in all of our designs we keep them from excessive operational stress thus extending their lifespan. Our power supplies are designed with repairability in mind. In a very rare case of malfunction, a repair -done directly by us or your designated dealer- is always possible and will be performed in the shortest timespan. Also, by means of a rational upgrade path by applicable fuses and cables, the supply will stay on top to its game for a prolonged time in your system. To maximize longevity we offer an output voltage change for a relative low fee – no need to buy another power supply when a new component with different DC needs has entered your set-up. This way we keep the use of raw materials as low as possible.