The latest news about Farad power supplies, our products and further bits and pieces…


Super3 6V and 7V
Due to popular demand we decided to reintroduce the 6V and 7V output voltages as a standard option for the Super3 power supply. No longer a custom build, we hope the choice for a Farad Super3 will be so much easier to make.


Super3 is included for the 2023 Stereo Times Most Wanted Components selection
We are very happy to announce the Super3 has been selected by Stereo Times for their 2023 Most Wanted Components selection! Here you can see the complete selection. Not knowing about you, but we always get a warm fuzzy feeling when we see our little and ‘humble’ Super3 in such a fabulous line-up…


New Level2 Copper DC power cable
‘The more expensive, the better the sound’, we all know this mindset too well. We noticed many customers chosing the more expensive Level 2 silver DC cable over the Level 2 copper thinking they bought the ‘better one’ due to the difference in price. In terms of quality and performance these cabels are alike, it’s the sound signature that sets them apart. This made us think…

To emphasise this similar quality we decided to level the price for both cables. With the extra budget gained for the new Level 2 copper cable we were able to improve in the fields of material, materials and layout. This has resulted in an extended range on the sound extremes and more lively and foremost open mids.

The new cable is called the L2-C, the silver will be the L2-S from now on and the current Level 2 copper cable will be named the L2 Classic. The Level 1 cable will be called the L1 from now on.

At this moment, the L2-C can only be delivered with a 5.5/2.1 mm and 5.5/2.5 mm Oyaide output connector and as a Lumin modification assembly. It will be sold next to the current L2 Classic cable.


It has been long… almost too long. Two advanced prototypes have been running for a year without any problems, but suddenly computer stability issues start showing end of last year with our testers. These issues gravitate around the latest generation of motherboards asking for a slightly different approach of power management. We have re-worked the SuperATX design for this and new prototypes are up and running without any problems so far. The coming time we’ve asked our Beta-testers to give the SuperATX some real good ‘spanking’ to ensure its ableness in terms of durability. You can start holding your breath for the SuperATX!


Website redesign
In a few weeks’ time our website will be undergoing a transformation. The navigation will be reconstructed to offer a more accessible portal to all the information you need. We will be adding some additional pages offering insights in Farad power supplies as a company and as a team, design philosophies, and a comparison table of our power supplies. Also with this new layout we can present news and reviews better and we will add a blog, focussing both on technical as social issues. We hope you’ll enjoy all the added extra’s.