Reviews & Awards

The feedback we receive from costumers is most important to us, however publications both in print or on the web are equally appreciated. Especially if awards are involved!


The Ear Best Buy Award for Super3

Alpha Audio Approved Award for Super10

Super3 is included for the 2023 Stereo Times Most Wanted Components selection

Soundnews Gold Award for the Super10


Super3 review – Stereo Times

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Super3 review – The Ear

Click here to read the review of The Ear (PDF) Super3 review The Ear – English

Super3 review – Hi-Fi+

click here to read the review of Hi-Fi+ (PDF) Super3 review Hi-Fi+ – English

Super3 review – HVT (Hifi Video Test)

Click here to read the review of HVT (PDF) Super3 review HVT – Dutch  

Super3 in designated tandem with Mano Ultra mkIII streamer review – Audio En Zo

Click here to read the review on Audio En Zo – Dutch  

Super10 review – Alpha-Audio

Click here to read the Super10 review on Alpha-Audio – English  

Super10 at Grigg Audio Solutions

“Our Super10 in action at Grigg Audio Solutions in their fis Audio-Computer.” Click to read the article  

Super10 review – Sound Rebels

Click here to read the Super10 review on Sound Rebels – English  

Super3 feeding the Lumin U2 Mini review – Sound Rebels

Click here to read the Super3 feeding the Lumin U2 Mini review – Polish  

Super10 review – Soundnews

A wonderful review of the Super10 with a great introduction of the Super3 as well. Read it here – english  

Super3 vs EAhibrid PureDC-B1H Battery LPS

Not truly a review, but none the less we found this worth mentioning as this is an interesting comparisson.

One of our customers did a private shoot-out between our Super3 and the EAhibrid PureDC-B1H Battery LPS (19V-10A version). Very interesting because we experimented a lot with battery power supplies way back during our DIY days. Comparing the sound SLA, NiMH and Lithium batteries – and do they sound different – in high voltage circuits and fixed bias settings in tube circuits. Battery power supplies can sound good but in our opinion, but also lack stemina in the long run. Once the anode in a battery gets affected by the many load-unload cycles a drop in sound quality will be inevitable, resulting in a dull and slow sound. At the end we all returned to an active power supply, much to our satisfaction.

This is what the costumer had to say: “The Aehibrid is different, more relaxed. The Super3 is more dynamic. They both are close and it depends what flavour one likes. I’m returning the Aehibrid and keep my Super3.”

Farad Power Supplies at Audio Video Show Warsaw 2023

“We spotted a lot of FARAD power supplies in different corners of the rooms. Clean power is a must in any audio chain, and one of the best power supplies kept showing in the most pretentious systems. It was even said that sometimes the most essential equipment, the pillar of the source, was tacked away from the front stage. But we know the truth, and we are always looking behind the front row 😊” Click here to read the full report on