Farad Power Supplies offers free international courier shipping. We will normally finish and ship your order within 3 working days.

Deadlines and dates of delivery are approximate and are determined on the basis of the facts and circumstances known at the precise moment of conclusion of the agreement between seller and consumer. Exceeding the delivery time specified by us, for any reason whatsoever, never gives consumers the right to:

• compensation or any breach of any obligation under the agreement;

• termination of the contract, without prejudice to the rights of consumers under Title 5 Book 6 Civil Code.

In case of a lost or damaged package, we have to wait until full closure of the research which is done by the shipping company, before we can arrange a replacement of reship a new supply.

The address stated by the consumer to us is deemed the place of delivery. We will carry out accepted orders with appropriate rapidity, but in any event within 30 days unless another delivery period is agreed. If the delivery is delayed due to conditions beyond the control of the seller, he can request an extended delivery period.