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Pure linear multi-railed supercapacitor ATX power supply

The sole ATX power supply designed exclusively and build purposely
for computer-based audio streaming

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Full flexibility for your projects

Let us recap... Full ATX, 5 rail, three transformer double regulated low noise supercapacitor supply with a total of 17.500.000uF capacity and 20 regulations. Ground post and ground lift switch, fully microprocessor controlled and protected against shorts, overvoltage and dropouts. Do we really need to say more?

Nothing more,
Nothing less

The negative impact of a poor power supply on the performance of your audio gear is well known. This becomes even more evident with computer-based audio streaming. Most ATX power supplies are designed to perform the task of powering a computer for daily household use. Nothing more, nothing less. Audiophile computer audio is well beyond the needs of normal daily operation.

With over 8 years of experience in designing linear ATX power supplies both for DIY and commercial applications we have complete understanding what it takes to lift computer-based audio to its full potential, where full potential translates in sound quality and also very important: flexibility. These two qualities combined is a very rare sight and, back in 2013, made us start developing a ATX power supply that eventually led to the SuperATX now.

The real question

Designed for tweaking
your streamer to the max

Vantage point when designing the SuperATX was a simple question: 'how did we make use of an ATX power supply back in the days when working on projects - be it commercial or DIY?' Simple as the answer might seem, looking at available ATX power supplies on the market today, many do not comprehend the question itself, are accidentally targeting different use (ie gaming or video), or come up with a more beefy power supply excelling in absolutely nothing at all.

But let’s answer the question we asked ourselves: delete everything you don't make use of, vastly improve or rebuild of that what we do make use of, and further extensions thereof. In other words: multi transformers, sufficient buffer capacity, many supercaps, and multiple outputs for a sufficient number of peripherals as SSD’s, clocks and output cards, to tweak your streamer to the max.

So the SuperATX is the power supply we dearly wanted back then - sometimes we came close but in hindsight are happy the fire department didn't show up for inspections - it's the power supply we use this very moment for our own projects. This is tribute to all you DIY-guys and galls!

To the Farad SuperATX this translates into:

  • Proven technology based on the Super3 and Super10.
  • Five rail supply with 3x 150VA triple shielded custom wound transformers, one dedicated for the CPU, one dedicated for the Motherboard and one dedicated to SSD’s, Peripherals and clocks.
  • Smoothing capacity of around 250.000uF total 105 deg. Low ESR long life automotive capacitors with Hf choke pi-filters.
  • 24x 15F supercaps bringing an effective 17.5F of capacity at full voltage. Yes, that’s 17.500.000uF of total buffer capacity before the final regulators!
  • Double low noise regulation with Hf post pi-filtering for even lower output noise.
  • Microprocessor protection on all voltages (over- and under-voltages, shorts, etc) and communication with the MoBo.
  • Ground lift switch and ground post, gold plated Molex output connectors.

Practically resulting in:

  • Transformer 1 and Rail 1: 12V/8A microprocessor output (max 100W TDP)
  • Transformer 2 and Rail 2+3: a full linear 24 Pin ATX connector power supply
  • Transformer 3 and Rail 4+5: Triple peripheral outputs with 5V/3A (total sum 7.5A) and 12V/3A (total sum 3A). One of the outputs can be switched to “always on” for for example motherboard clocks


Have a look at what the DIY community thinks of the SuperATX – here

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