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The best 10 Amps you could wish for

Ranging from 5 to 24 V, this LPS takes music to a new level

Beauty is within

and where it matters: your ears

From the fully optimized PCB-Board to the most humble resistor, from the foil output capacitors to the fuse holder, from the active current compensation to the custom wound transformer. All become one in the Super10.

You decide

as It suits just any application

Pure power, refinement, musicality, micro-detail, imaging, an almost absent noise floor... there is simply no way back from the Super10. Whether used for a Nuc Board, a switch, an output card, a headphone amp, or a DAC, with its maximum power of 10 Amps, standard fitted SR Purple fuse and Furutech FI-09NCF inlet, the super10 will drive it with ease and grace. The Super10 redefines what a component or set is capable of.

"An insanely beautiful product"

"The Farad Super10 sounds rich, big and brings a lot of harmony. The power supply does not care about mains contamination, countless voltages available, it can power practically anything with 10A of current delivery... mental peace...!"

"Bull's eye"

"The improvement was not like a small step of a Geisha, but a leap in the kind of giant leaps for mankind, like the first step on the moon done by Neil Armstrong."

Anatomy of your Super10

What makes it special?

Active current compensation
Foil output stage
SR Purple Fuse & FI-09 NCF Inlet
Shielded tranformer & Choke

Active current compensation

The Super10 incorporates an active current compensation circuit, which corrects for the voltage drop in the output, PCB traces and the cables of the Super10. This reduces the voltage drop at the load when current needs to be delivered, resulting in a rock steady sound on any load.

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Foil output stage

The Super10 has a 230uF foil capacitor output stage, combining MKS and MKP capacitors for optimal operation and ultimate sound quality. Because no electrolytic capacitors are used, ESR is very low and Hf filtering very high. Result is a pitch-black background and ultimate speed delivery of voltage peaks over the full bandwidth. Very good for analog audio, but especially great for driving digital equipment.

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SR Purple Fuse & FI-09 NCF Inlet

The Super10 comes standard with a Synergetic Research Purple fuse. The SR Purple proofed to be the designated fuse to fully open up the potential of the Super10. No highlights, no artificials. Nothing more than a wonderful performance across the entire bandwidth, set in a stage that can only be described as very real.
It didn't take long to decide the world renowned Furutech FI-09 NCF Inlet would be the inlet of choice for the Super10. With its mechanical and electrical stability, low noise floor, detailed sound, and ultra stable image the FI-09 NCF and Super10 are just natural partners.

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Shielded tranformer & Choke

To eliminate even the most minute hum, buzz or negative influence from the magnetic field of the custom wound transformer and choke, we have potted and shielded these to ensure a dead quit operation and completely undisturbed dc output.

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Voltage change service

New component, different operating voltage… Same Super10?

The Super10 has an optimized module and mains transformer for each output voltage. In our workshop we can change both to have the Super10 operating with the new desired output voltage.

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