Lighten up your Dave! We have made a special power supply upgrade for the Chord Dave for use with our Super3 power supplies.


The Dave makes use of three voltages: +5 Vdc, + 15 Vdc and -15 Vdc. What wonderful playground for our Super3 power supplies. Yet, working with three different voltages is also somewhat of a challenge. To prevent any possible damage, all three voltages should be at their rating before actually start the Dave, also you want a constant monitoring of these voltages. Three voltages, Three Super3 power supplies… challenge accepted!
First, we developed a true negative regulated supercap power supply – worlds first – to deal with the -15 Vdc.
Second, we developed a special power monitor that constantly checks all voltages, not only for starting up, but also during operation. If any of the voltages goes outside of the window of operation, the power monitor will shut down the Dave.
Third, we developed a backplate, holding the three 80 cm L2-S DC power cables (each clearly labelled to which power supply it will lead), that will replace the original backplate of the Dave.
A comprehensive manual will keep you from any possible mistakes. With this assembly you will truly unleash the Dave. On top of this: absolutely no soldering!


Download Dave Modification – English

This assembly consists of a manual, three 80 cm L2-S DC power cables already connected to the replacement backplate and the power monitor PCB.
Not included in this assembly are the power supplies.
You can order a dedicated bundle consisting of 3 Super3’s (+5 Vdc, +15 Vdc, and -15 Vdc) below.

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Due to populair demand, delivery time will be about 1 to 2 weeks after ordering!

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